Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just gotta laugh

There are moments in life when things just become comical.  I can be completely together, dignified, hold myself well most of the time and then the awkward, geeky, clumsy girl emerges...oh that clumsy girl.

Last night after a day of productivity which included a lot of laundry and hanging up the new office-y clothes in preparation for the beginning of my new job, I jumped up to put one final load of laundry in the dryer.  Somehow my left big toe, got caught on my right pant leg.  For one moment I was sure that I was going down, that I would head into my new job with either a black eye or stitches.  I managed to keep myself up right but that big's not so happy with me.  It isn't broken but it is definitely strained.  Yowza.

It would have been nice if clumsy girl stopped there.  She didn't.  This morning I went into the bathroom to find that I had forgotten to replace the roll of toilet paper.  I've tried to be pretty sneaky about hiding rolls of toilet paper in the cupboards and other places so that there is always ONE around when I really need it.  I'm pretty sure that I brought in multiple rolls the last time I needed toilet paper.  This morning, as I reached into the cupboard in the near dark to get a replacement roll, something went crashing to the ground.  Finding no extra roll, I reached down to pick up whatever had fallen out of the cupboard and came up with a small bottle of special laundry detergent...or rather I came up with the small plastic bottle cracked open and the special laundry detergent gushed onto the floor and down my leg.  Lovely.

My bathroom smells now (hopefully it won't trigger a migraine) but the bathmat is realllllllllyyyyyy clean.  And I brought in three extra rolls of toilet paper from the garage this afternoon.

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