Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A post about food stamps

I started a post a month or so ago that I've never published.  It's very political and I'm very hesitant to enter that circle.  I have my feelings and thoughts.  I know how I'll vote in each election.  I know what kind of leader I'm looking for and I know how I feel on certain issues.  I don't, however, want to close the door on conversations, so I choose to just remain silent on many of those thoughts.

Tonight, I'm speaking up on one thing.  I came across this post on another blog and I highly encourage you to read it.  It's called "I'm on Food Stamps.  Don't Hate Me For It."  I am tired of the conversation that goes something like "everyone on food stamps is ripping off the system".  I believe there are plenty of people who are on food stamps, on welfare, that aren't ripping off the system and are desperately trying to keep their families afloat...people who don't want you to know they are on welfare. 

Yes, there are things wrong with the system.  Yes, there are people who rip the system off.  There are far more people who are trying to make it in the world and just need some help, right now.  Thank you, Vicki, for sharing a part of your story.

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