Monday, March 23, 2009

The "C" word

Awhile back I decided that I no longer wanted to be a Christian. I told Papa Bear this and he almost gave himself a neck adjustment swiveling his head around to ask "What?!" I told Opinionated Friend and she just smiled and said "My mom decided the same thing too." I'm tired of being a Christian.

I came across this article today by John Fischer, a singer/songwriter and writer who has inspired me for years. The article reminded me why I don't want to be a Christian anymore...I don't want that label. I don't want the label that has been spread around that says a Christian only looks, acts or thinks one way. I don't want to be tied to a system that only sees people who are or aren't and judges accordingly. I don't want the label of Christian anymore.

I want to be a Christ Follower. Someone who messes up on a regular basis, who doesn't "get it" all the time, who regularly needs to be in contact with God for forgiveness and help. Someone who follows after Jesus, seeking out God, who isn't afraid to sit down with people who don't follow Jesus or seek God because I'm not threatened by their lack of belief. Someone who wants to be in conversation with many people, even those that don't think like I do, so that I can learn, grow and be changed and possibly help them learn, grow and be changed. Someone who sees hope and potential in all people. I want to be a Christ Follower with all of that attached to me and so much more. I just don't want to be a Christian anymore.

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Anonymous said...

and that's why I love you and I have never been threatened by your faith that is different from mine because i just see how much we have in common.