Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Dots

  • I have this theory. I can guess how close we are to summer by the driving habits of people in the Valley. Sounds crazy but I know that winter is soon to be gone because the so called "Sunday Drivers" are out in full force mid-week on south 9 and everyone else is driving like maniacs. My favorite one yesterday was the guy that attempted to pass the Sunday Driver on a blind curve. Smart. While we're on the subject of drivers can someone invent a scrolling LED sign that I can put on my bumper with pre-programmed sayings such as: I can only drive as fast as the car in front of me or seriously, if I have to buy a new car because of you I'm gonna be mad?
  • How is that one wakes up in the morning with new lines on their face? I don't know where these things came from but I'm not happy with them. Not happy at. all.
  • Meggie spoke about unbloggable stuff the other day. I went to post a comment on a blog yesterday and realized that I couldn't for privacy reasons. Do we call that uncommentable?
  • There's a reality show that I've watched for a while now that has seemed relatively harmless...until I started reading all the back stories. Yikes! Even if there's just a smidgen of truth to the back stories, I think I'm going to stop watching.
  • Tomorrow is writing day. I have the whole day to write a paper for my class. Everything must be postmarked on Friday. Yes, my middle name should be procrastination.
  • This morning I woke up with a cold. Not super severe, just enough to make me slightly miserable. Add to that allergies, stress and other loveliness and, well, my housemates just might want to stay clear of me for a couple of days.
  • Opinionated Friend is in Rome for a vision trip. She's going to move over there sometime in the Fall to do church planting. She's only been gone a week and I miss her. Not looking forward to the Fall.
  • Train Guy and Adventure Boy stopped by yesterday for a couple of minutes. Adventure Boy had been sitting on a stool and left to play somewhere else, so I sat on the stool, to which he came over and got mad! "No sitting on my chair!" My response was "how could you say that nicer?" to which he responded "Please no sitting on my chair!" How can you refuse that? Especially when he has trouble pronouncing the 's' on sitting so it came out more like "itting". Love him.


trinity said...

I miss you too!!! But I am back in the USA tomorrow. So I am getting closer to home. I too have thougth many times that an LED on the back and maybe even the front of cars would be so helpful. But after riding around in Roma for a week, I now know there are signs for anything you might want to say to the other vehicles on the road even at breakneck speeds. It is craziness I tell you. Not really the place to visit right after a collision. But guess it helped me get past my fear a little faster.

See you soon!!!



Meg said...

I'm curious...