Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Before you hit forward...

I love email. It makes my life so much happier to be able to communicate via email rather than talking on the telephone. I don't, however, appreciate the email forwards.

There are certain people in my life that deluge my inbox with forwards about trivial stuff all.the.time. Love the people, don't love the forwards. Chain mail forwards are awful and I usually hit delete without reading them. Guess I'm gonna have bad luck for the next bazillion years. The ones that really drive me crazy, though, are the ones that are supposedly to "help you" but really are meant to scare people. Watch out when leaving the mall! Don't roll down your car window! The cops aren't really the cops! Yeah, don't really love those. Those are usually sent by women to other women because, well, we fall for these things.

My best Internet friends to help decipher fact from fiction are two sites, and I use them all the time and guess what??!! About 99% of those emails are false. False, I say!

So, my blog reading buddies, the next time your receive one of those emails before you hit forward, take the time to go to the websites above and check the email out for yourself. Your friends will be glad that you did.

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