Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dear Body,

I listened to you yesterday, I really did.
I listened when you complained about getting up.
I listened when you said, "Stop doing that I hurt."
I listened when you said, "It's time for food."
I listened when you said "Don't go there, just stay home."
I listened when you said, at 8pm, "I'm getting tired."
I listened when you said, "Wouldn't it be nice to snuggle up in bed?".
I listened when you said, "Turn off the TV and go to sleep. I'll wake you when it's time to get up."
I didn't hear the giggle at the end of that statement though.
I did hear it at 2:30am.
And I wasn't laughing.
I wasn't laughing at 3am.
I wasn't laughing at 4am.
I wasn't laughing at 5am.
I wasn't laughing at 5:30am when you finally relented and let me sleep.
I really wasn't laughing at 6:20am when my alarm went off telling me "Get up for church!"
I wasn't laughing at 7am when I finally made it out of bed, nor was I laughing when I said to the lady behind the counter at the coffee shop, "Make it the biggest one!".
And I'm definitely not laughing now. Now when I need to listen to lectures, read my textbook and try to retain what I'm learning.
I'm not laughing and tonight, I'm not listening!

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