Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My friend Nancy works with High School Students in a nearby town. For many, many years she has helped them write and produce a newsletter for teens-by teens. Every year there is a fresh batch of students who come on board the newsletter staff and Nancy invests her time, energy and great love to help them achieve amazing goals and tackle tough topics. I have a hard time thinking of anyone who has given more of herself to helping young people find their potential and worth, who will walk with them through really hard life stuff and who will go to the mat to fight for the young people she works with...even to the feet of God.

Over the last few years the school has had to deal with the death of a number of students due to accidents. This last December a student died after suffering a seizure on campus. As I listened to the stories of pain and grief that Nancy shared in December, my heart ached for the teens who have had to face the cold reality of death so much in such a short time.

Yesterday and today they are having to deal with it again. One of the students on Nancy's newsletter team presumably drowned yesterday. There are many things in life that are not understandable even when relying on God's wisdom and this is one of them. So today, would you pray for the students at LGHS? Pray for the parents of this young man, for those who were with him, for the administration, for the community and pray for my friend Nancy, as she grieves alongside the students that God has entrusted to her care.

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