Monday, March 2, 2009


This morning my hair dryer decided that it was done working...before I had the chance to use it. Not drying my hair in the morning is not an option. Not a pretty sight. Luckily there was another hair dryer in the house, though when it tried to eat my hair, I decided I was going to buy a new hair dryer.

My favorite place to purchase such items is that one big store with a bulls eye for their logo. They have all the items sitting out so you can "try them out" before hand. I like that. But seeing as how one of those stores is 30 minutes away, I decided to just go to the local store and take my chances.

It is amazing how difficult picking out a new hair dryer is. Seriously. Way too many options, gizmo's, gadgets and varieties to choose from. There was one for fine hair that promised add volume and bounce without fly-aways. OK. There were many that have the retractable cord, which was very enticing but I wasn't willing to take the chance on the cord deciding to stay inside it's home. Next. There was one that had free items in the box! Wow! But then I saw it. Not just a silver or black or blue hair dryer but a red one. Ooohhhhh... Lightweight, fast dry, that might be the one...but wait, what's that! A pink one! I was reaching, reaching, reaching for the box when I saw the problem. My mind flashed back to the the mornings close encounter and my decision was made.

I am now the proud owner of this:

Red is such a pretty, pretty color.

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