Thursday, March 5, 2009

If you are a Youth Pastor/Director/Worker look out!

This morning I turned on my cell phone and received a text message that went like this: When you get up, call me.--Opinionated Friend.

Okay. So I called but not exactly when I had gotten up, true confessions here. I didn't turn my phone on until after the 8am meeting. I digress. Opinionated Friend (OF) didn't pick up, which is a little strange cuz she usually does, which set into motion my brain. My brain in motion is not always a good thing. I thought of all kinds of different scenarios of what was happening with OF and what she might possibly need to tell me so urgently. I had ordered my very big coffee (did I mention the 8am meeting) and was sitting down to do a little studying when I got another text from OF: In a car accident last night, at urgent care. WHAT!?!? (Yes, that was the second scenario btw) Several texts flying back and forth later it turns out that while OF and her passenger are okay, her car not so much. :( We eventually actually talked and I went back to studying.

About a half-hour later I received another text: Rear-ended yesterday, not going to make it to the meeting. WHAT?!?! Two people that I know in the same day have car accidents?? AND they are both Youth Pastors! I went to our monthly Youth Workers Meeting and said "Stay off the roads."

So, if you are a Youth Worker in the general vicinity of this town drive carefully!


trinity said...

Sorry to make you worry. who was the other?

Brittany said...

You didn't make me worrry, I just worry! That's me. Tim A. was the other one. Wierd.