Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dots of life

  • This morning I took Adventure Boy and Creative Guy to soccer camp.  I had the windows rolled down a little but the interior of the car was warming up due to the bright ball of light that has been insistent on being around the last few days.  Adventure Boy piped up from the back "It's getting hot in here.  Roll up the windows."  My reply: "If I roll up the windows the car will only get warmer."  "NO," was Adventure Boy's response, "it will cool down."  Thus said the child who has known air conditioning in vehicles his whole life.
  • Last night was Messy Night at the church.  My last messy night as youth director.  It was good.  I especially enjoyed the power washer that we had to clean up the mess afterwards.  The job that usually takes 2 hours, took just a little over one.  Nice.
  • Tonight was Bible Study with the Young Adults and High School youth.  It was relaxed, filled with laughter and good discussions.  This is what I will miss about my job.
  • For a long while our household has been having a little bit of a struggle with the newspaper delivery person.  Namely, getting the newspaper delivered, correction, the RIGHT newspaper delivered.  A couple of weeks ago Papa Bear was actually swearing into the phone, albeit it was the automated answering system at the newspaper but he was still swearing.  I've been picking up the paper this last week and what an adventure it has been!  We got the correct paper two days, wrong paper one day, wrong paper and correct paper the next, wrong paper the next day, two day's worth of copies of the right paper and today, well, today I finally just started laughing.  We got not one, but two papers, both of the them different, neither of them the paper we subscribe too.  They were for the correct day though!  I think I'm going to pray for the newspaper delivery person. 
  • I don't care how old I get, I hope to never outgrow animated movies.  Excited to see Cars II and the new Winnie the Pooh movie this summer!
  • Currently reading Ashley Judd's book, All That is Bitter and Sweet.  My celebrity gawker side is being satisfied with the glimpse into her life and my God centered helping soul is resonating with her experiences in helping others.  And I'm only a few chapters in!
That's all for now!  Nighty-nite!

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