Friday, June 10, 2011


It's becoming a wild animal refuge around the house lately.  We had the Rat Invasion 2011, followed by the Great Alligator Lizard attempted invasion.  We successfully eliminated the Rat Invasion...which came to a stinky conclusion.  The Great Alligator Lizard attempted invasion was re-routed someplace other than the house.  Which was good because that thing was HUGE!  There would have been no sleeping in this house if that had gotten in.  But now, we have a new resident.  Introducing Hop-a-long, the Blue Jay. 

Hop-a-long has a damaged wing and has taken up residency by our front porch.  It's rare to walk outside these days without Hop-a-long making his presence known.  I don't mind Hop-a-long.  I feel kind of bad for the bird, actually.  So does Papa Bear, evidently.  I was recently instructed to feed Hop-a-long at night, just put a little food out for him.  And maybe some water.

I'm okay with that, but I'm done with feeding the flock of blue jays that scare away all the other birds that we actually like.  Like the doves, the little sparrows and other cute birds with awful names (tufted titmouse?  really?) and sometimes, when they aren't too obnoxious, the pigeons.  Though the pigeons have this habit of flying into the windows.  Even with the blinds partly covering the windows, the pigeons still insist on trying to get through the windows.

Yep, a wild life refuge around here...well only the ones we actually like!

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