Sunday, June 12, 2011


The written version of what I shared in church this is changing!!

In the youth room downstairs, there is a wall that we have dubbed the Level Ground Wall of Fame.  On the wall are the hand prints and names of youth who have been a part of the high school ministry here at Felton Pres.  It started out as rite of passage, a way showing the youth that they have a place here, that they belong to the body of Christ.  Over the years we have also added hand prints of youth leaders who have been a part of the group for a time.  Those hand prints bring back great memories of people and adventures that we have experienced in youth ministry over the last 12 years.

In the last few months I’ve spent time praying, listening, talking to God and doing a lot of soul searching.  As clearly as I heard God calling me to be a part of the ministry at Felton Pres, I am hearing God calling me out of ministry.  To that end I have decided to resign as the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and first service Worship leader.  My hand print will soon join those on the Level Ground Wall of Fame. I have been so blessed to be employed here, to grow and explore the calling on my life to reach out to the youth of this community and to share in the work that God is doing through this church.  I will be forever grateful for the love, grace, encouragement and support that this congregation has shown me, not only as an employee, but as one who has grown up in this church.

My future is very unclear.  God hasn’t revealed what’s next for me, though I’m sure some of you have some suggestions.  I’m not heading to school, there isn’t another job, I just know that God is asking me to step back from ministry here and take a leap of faith.   I do so confident that God has called me to this decision and that God will guide me wherever I am supposed to go…or as Ellen M. told me the other day, in the spirit of Jonah and the Whale, I’m excited to see where God is going to throw me up.

I will not be leaving until mid-August.  My end date is officially August 14th, so there are still 8 weeks of ministry to do here and I do so excited about the future but with a heavy heart.  Leaving here will be hard on many levels but most simply because you all have been my church family for 36 years.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity 12 years ago to answer God’s call.  I ask now, that you pray with me and for me as God and I begin a new adventure together.


Songbird said...

Blessings to you, whatever comes next.

Wendy said...

How exciting (and perhaps frightening). As Songbird said, blessings to you.

Brittany said...

Thanks Songbird and Wendy! It is exiting but not as frightening as I had thought it would be. I'm ready for the change.