Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Present and future jobs

I have a new key on my key ring.  It's to another church.  A very good friend who is a Youth Pastor, well Associate Pastor in charge of Administration and Youth, convinced his church board that he needed some help.  I happened to be leaving my job about the same time they were creating an administration assistant position and we both knew we could work well together so he offered me the job.  Great timing!  Only downside, right now, is that the position is only  6 hours a week.  Sigh.  Still it's something.

Creative Guy and I discussed my future today as we were driving back from Soccer Practice.  He thinks I would make a good teacher.  Maybe a good Kindergarten teacher.  I told him I would take that under advisement.  As I was driving him around (and my cousin's) I thought that maybe I should start a Kid's Shuttle service.  I could get a 12 passenger van and charge so much per mile and just drive Kid's to their appointments, practices or pick them up from school when their parents can't.  I honestly don't know how parents work and have children at the same time.  I'm in awe.

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test said...

I wish I could quit my job and stay home and just drive Sammy to fun places all day.