Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have always liked driving. I enjoy spending time in the car, listening to the radio, singing along, making wrong turns, making u-turns, finding little roads that seem to go nowhere but take you somewhere. I like watching the miles roll by on the odometer and watching the scenery out the windows. Driving got even better when I got the convertible, feeling the wind blow through my hair, the sun shining on my face and shoulders, the ability to look up and see the clouds or trees rolling by.

I like driving SUVs. I like being able to carry a bunch of people, sitting high off the road. But I also like driving small cars that get better gas mileage and can only carry a few people. I prefer manual transmissions over automatics and I really, really like cars that have good radio systems.

That last part was especially nice on Tuesday when I got back in the SUV we had rented on Monday in snow country because one of the vehicles we had taken on the Snow Trip broke down before we could get everyone home. My job for that day was to drive 6 hours back to snow country to take it back to the rental company. Yo Momma (the most fabulous mom in the world) drove her small SUV and I the monster SUV and we drove up the mountains. We talked occasionally on the walkie-talkies but most of the drive was just me and the satellite radio. (BTW--I am now officially a fan.) I listened to country music from the 90's all the way. It was fabulous. I haven't heard some of those songs in years. I was singing and dancing in my seat, just enjoying the ride.

At one point in the drive it occured to me that God had really worked this all out well. Before the Snow Trip I felt tired, just exhausted from all that has happened in the last month and so, so tired of being with people. I put in long, long hours in the days leading up to the trip trying to get everything done but I knew on the other side of the Snow Trip were three glorious days when I was I had earned those three days and had arranged for my volunteers to take the youth groups for the week, planned some self-care appointments and brought a bunch of books home to read and prepare for the coming weeks.

On the Snow Trip I found myself actually getting sleep, feeling energized, just hanging out with students, not my typical trip. The car problems didn't stress me out, I handled it well, made the decisions and went with it. I got the last SUV All Wheel Drive that the Rental Shop had and Yo Momma said she could do a return trip with me and it just all worked out.

God knew what I needed. God knew that I needed 6 glorious hours in a car all by myself. God knew that the drive would restore my sense of peace and contentment. God knew that I would use that time to talk as well and God provided moments for me to remember to when the snow got a little thick, the road got steep and my faith in the all wheel drive SUV waned. God heard my "I need help" prayer and gently blew the snow from the road, slowing me down and clearing the way. God heard, God knew, God provided.

I like driving, especially the convertible, but life sure is a lot better when God's in the driver's seat.

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