Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Overload in bullet form: (started at 5pm)

  • In 45 minutes five students and a youth advisor are arriving to talk about our journey through the one year bible. It's the 16th. I'm on day 11. I still need to order the pizza and pick it up.
  • Youth group starts in an hour and a half. I know what I'm talking about. Just not so sure how it's going to be said. No games planned, no songs chosen. We're winging it.
  • Next weekend is the High School Snow Trip. We're going with another church whose youth leader called today and said she broke her foot and can't drive. Unless we get a new driver, 3 students will be walking to the snow 250 miles away.

Restarted at 10:50pm

  • Church computer doesn't like me anymore, which makes it hard to put together picture CD's from the Mississippi trip...all 6 of them! It keeps stopping in the middle of burning the CD and then crashes. UGH.
  • People are antsy for their donation receipts from Mississippi, and rightfully so. It's not a quick process though. This time it's not the computer but the printer. It will only go so fast!
  • Tomorrow is my Come Away Day. Which means driving in commute traffic to LG and then being silent for 4 hours. My mind is so busy, I pray that I can just put everything else aside and be with God.
  • After the Come Away I have a meeting in San Jose and then need to race back home for another meeting that night.

Yep, feeling a little bit on overload. Friday is just around the corner, though which means two days off! And I'm refusing to do any church related stuff on Saturday. I'm not going near that place! Will someone please hold me to that?

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