Thursday, January 24, 2008

A little bit of a rant

I woke up later than usual this morning. Just in time to catch the last of the the morning news shows. Too early to miss news and pictures that made my blood boil. Poor Yo Momma got the brunt of my frustration as I made my way to the shower.

I don't understand people who feel the need to take their protests to funerals. I especially don't understand Christians who feel this need. The news that one extremist group is planning on demonstrating at Heath Ledger's funeral just undid me this morning. That's just what the family and friends need at this moment in time, to be faced with a bunch of people condemning the person they loved who just died unexpectedly and tragically. Grief isn't hard enough without a group of people carrying signs saying your loved one is going to hell because of a role they played in a movie. Yeah, that's compassionate and loving.

I pray that the God of Love and Compassion that I know will find a way to bring hope, peace and comfort to the family and friends of Heath Ledger despite the efforts of this group to bring shame and condemnation. And I pray that they will know that there are many more Christians in the world that mourn for them and with them.

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