Monday, January 28, 2008


22 people

4 working vehicles

1 broken vehicle

1 Auto Shop snowed in

1 rental vehicle snowed in at the rental shop

Snow, snow and more snow

300 miles to travel today

Please pray


B said...

Hey there!
I prey that ya'll made it home safely, it was a treacherous weekend weather wise. i would say its just the weather around here, because it isn't predicted or usual means it will happen. lol. but it was awesome to get to meet all of you guys and to get to put some faces to some of the amazing stories i have heard.
but again, i hope all of you guys made it home safely!

Brittany said...

Thanks B! It was great to meet you too! Thanks for praying. We arrived safe and sound, if a little later than planned...but that's the way it goes around here!