Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quick Weekend Update

Snow, lots and lots of snow. It's been falling out of the sky all day. The road's are very white, white, white. Makes life fun for 15 high school students, 3 College Students and 3 Youth Leaders. Seriously, seriously fun.

We're safe and warm in our homes-away-from-home. Skiing/Boarding was good. Lil' Bro came up to the ski area before work to say Hi. I miss Lil' Bro hugs. It's extra special to watch Lil' Bro with my "kids". I don't think he knows just how much they love him.

Tomorrow will be an adventure heading home. We've had some car trouble, nothing super serious but serious enough to need a different vehicle. Trin and I have worked everything out...we make a good team! It's been really nice to have someone else to take charge and rely on. A good group of students, a great group of chaperone's, it's been a great weekend!

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