Sunday, January 20, 2008


I figured out how to get my Flickr photo's linked here. It only took a couple of hours! If you would like to see more photos from Mississippi, look to the right for the flickr link. I'll post other pictures when I get permission from the photographers!

Happy viewing!


mompriest said...

Welcome to Revgals blog. I am introducing this blog tomorrow at the Meet and Greet. I hope you will join us in our daily posts. it will be especially helpful to know and be known if you play the Friday Five and leave comments on other blogs. Again, welcome

Swandive said...

Welcome to the rev gals! So glad to meet you.
Blessings and can't wait to read more.

Jan said...

Brittany, welcome to RevGals! This will be a place I will enjoy visiting. Your enthusiasm comes through!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all the pictures and your blog. It really helps me relive the memories of an incredible trip to Pearlington. Sue and I are giving our report at church this Sunday- Jan. 27th. It's hard to put in words all that I experienced. I appreciate meeting all the Felton Presbyterian folks. What a great group of youth!!!

Songbird said...

Isn't Flickr great?
Welcome to RevGalBlogPals!!