Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More pictures from Mississippi

There is no way to really show the work that was being done by the team in Mississippi, partly because while we were working, we weren't taking pictures. Here are a few images from the trip that tell a little bit of the story.

Gutters were installed at Ms. P's daughter's house.

Siding was repaired at Ms. L's house.

The house was leveled and a new sliding door installed at Ms. S's house.

Foam insulation went in at Mr. J's house.

The yard was cleaned up and floors prepared for laminate tiles at Mr. P's house.

And then of course were the reminders of the storm.

This is what one of the rooms at the yellow house looked like before we started working.
There are many more pictures. I will attempt to add them to an online photo book at some point and post the link here. If you are in town on Sunday we are sharing at both services, 9am and 11:15am. Feel free to join us!

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Song Friend said...

One of the most lasting things from this trip will be your students seeing you live out something you're passionate about. Even if none of them match your fervor and commitment about this particular thing, having you model that real-life passion for them is hugely significant. Most of them will never make the connection, and you probably won't get to see it happening, but a good chunk of these young people will find themselves, somewhere down the road, sacrificing much for that thing that stirs their soul.

Very nice work, my friend.