Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Tuesday Dots

  • Today at VBS we did a do-wap version of "I Like Banana's" (and if you've ever been in youth or children's ministry you know what song I'm talking about). It was so funny to watch the faces of the adults as we sang! Pure joy. I think the kids liked it too.
  • Randomly in the middle of one of the songs the lyrics to Silent Night went up on the screen. Ummmm....no.
  • R-girl and I took the race car down to Costco for our annual Community Dinner shopping expedition. It's always amazing to see how well we can #1 pack the cart and #2 pack the car. The guy at the checkout was very impressed with our packing abilities. He even commented that he didn't do as great of a job as we had. Seeing as how it's his job, I think he'll get some practice. The first time we did this there were 4 of us with all the food...if you've ever been in a Mustang Convertible you know there isn't a lot of space in the back seat or the trunk. R-girl was relegated to the back seat with hot dog buns on her lap that time. Memories.
  • Today's newspaper has a story about the opening of an I-HOP in town. It was packed on opening day. Not sure what that says about local eateries.
  • Opinionated Friend bought coffee this morning for me (VBS is at her church this week). I got her call as I was pulling into the church parking lot from getting, you guessed it, coffee! We coordinated for tomorrow.
  • Just posted on the Mississippi blog www.ca2ms.blogspot.com about housing in Mississippi. Hat tip to Yo Momma for the info.
  • It's only Tuesday and it feels like it should be Thursday.
  • I was watching The Closer last night which is in a new season. Anyway, besides loving the pink trench coat that Brenda Lee Johnson was wearing, I found myself all of a sudden completely obsessed with getting a glimpse of her cell phone...I'm pretty sure I have the same type of phone! And that's when I knew it was time to turn the TV off and go to bed.
  • And now that I have written all this random stuff on this fine Tuesday afternoon, I am off to a pool party with Middle School Students. Yes, you may pray for my soul and my sanity. Thanks.

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