Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Body of Christ

***Okay, I have to preface this whole post with this: I'm tired. Really, really, tired, Too much caffeine yesterday meant not enough sleep last night and I don't want to overdo it today with the whole caffeine thing because, well, sleep is good. So, if this doesn't all tie together really well, forgiveness and understanding is appreciated. Thanks.***

A few years ago Opinionated Friend worked with me at the church. She was in Children's Ministry then and yet when I was looking for someone to go on our Houseboat trip as a chaperone she jumped at the opportunity. Turns out God did some talkin', as God often does, and a few months later she was the full-time Youth Director at the Church-around-the-Corner.

Ever since I started in Youth Ministry (going on 10 years) here, youth going to this church and youth going to Church-around-the-Corner have been friends. They've even youth group hopped, when the groups were on different nights. We've been doing activities together for a long time now, which given the history between the two churches has caused a little humor to rumble through (Church-around-the-Corner was started by people who left the church here.). Anyway, since Opinionated Friend is over at Church-around-the-Corner, the partnership between our two groups has gotten even grander. So grand, in fact that it's their church that I'm at this week leading VBS music.

Two months ago when youth group here was canceled, kids from my group went to her group for the night. Last week, when her group was canceled, kids from her group came to my group for the night. I like that, it's cool.

Yesterday, as we were sitting around talking O.F. said, "You should come on my houseboat trip and lead music." Hmmmm...I'm thisclose to figuring out how that can work. And then, there's today. Today the youth here are cooking and serving dinner for our monthly Community Dinner. Youth from Church-around-the-corner are coming to help. In fact two youth from Church-around-the-Corner are sitting in the library here right now doing a Bible study together. They just walked in, sat down and started. Cool.

To me, being the body of Christ means that the walls of the churches start dissolving and stuff like this happens, church happens and it doesn't matter what the name of the church is on the door, all that matters is the people are learning and growing in Christ and showing that to the world through their actions. As much as I like my chosen church organization, I think we might be much better as the body of Christ if we could let go of all the stuff and just let God work no matter what name is on the sign outside.

To be continued...


Meg said...

Ok maybe it has something to do with excess caffeine yesterday, not enough today, and a lack of sleep... but you are speaking my language girl. I'm right there with you.

Anonymous said...

anytime kids have a place to go, i think it's cool. i always think that church is less about the walls and more about what's in your heart.
- Molly