Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walks, naps and stars

After VBS today I skipped work. Went to lunch with K instead and then for a walk in the park. It was lovely. Hot but lovely. I went to work intending to actually do something but sat and talked with Fabulous Office Manager instead and decided I wasn't working today. Just couldn't do it.

So I went home, changed into cooler clothes, turned on the TV, NCIS was on, and I curled up and took a nap, occasionally stirring to see what the NCIS crew was detecting before taking another little nap. Loveliness.

Tonight I went to K & N's house for home group. Adventure Boy spotted me and got a huge smile on his face "Brittany!" Yes, my heart melted again for this child. Train Guy came out later to give me a hug goodnight and we shared many smiles through the window as he pretended to kind of, maybe go to sleep in K & N's bed. I'm blessed.

A little while ago I drove home with the top down on the race car. About halfway home I looked up (don't worry I was at a stop sign). The night sky is so clear tonight. The stars were just sparkling away, a plane was flying overhead, its not too hot, not too cold...just a perfect night. A great way to end a great day. I love my car. Life is good today.

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