Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things I love about my job

My hands are currently a nice berry red. Fingernails and all. They are soon to be a very berry blue. Why, you ask? Well because tomorrow is messy night for the youth. And I have finally figured out (after years of messy nights!) how to fill water balloons with jello! The tea kettle is calling time for jello! Pictures tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for pictures. Hope they all had a good time.
Yo, Momma

Song Friend said...

That may be the pinnacle of youth ministry right there.

When you're so entrenched you don't always see the absurdity and bizarreness of it all, so sometimes my non-youth worker friends would tell me about how they spent their day designing an overpass or tracking mutual funds, and I'd have loved to come back with "Well I learned how to fill water balloons with Jello."

I love that you're still having fun!