Monday, June 15, 2009

VBS Monday

Okay, so this VBS is so much calmer than the one we run...I'm taking a lot of notes and thinking of ways to change many aspects of our VBS. It can be better. But anyway, the calmness means I might have blog time woo-hoo!

Today was a little rough. I played the Youth Director card and didn't do what I was supposed to, so our band wasn't as tight as it could be. No biggie. The order was play as kids are coming in, sing one song, have the Pastor do introductions, etc., play 3 more songs. I can handle that. We get it all together and start. In the middle of the first song the 2nd string on my guitar goes "POP!". D chord is now gone. The song is in the Key of D. Not good. We finish the song, the Pastor gets up, I exit stage left and rush through my case to get a new string. The drummer pops around the corner and says "what can I do?" No other guitars available, I tear the old string off, put the new string on and am just about to head around the corner when the Pastor says "let's sing!" Aack! Not yet! Stalled for one song, I tuned and we were back in the game.

The drummer later looked at me and said "I've never seen someone put a new guitar string on that fast." I'm not a professional, I just fake it well.

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